by Sylvain Jamet

After the Canada v England World Cup quarter-final game Jordan Nobbs tweeted that her World Cup was most likely over due to an hamstring injury.

The tweet was later removed presumably as it obviously gave the Canadian side a precious indication that Nobbs would not take part in the game.

However, as well as being removed, BBC journalist Alistair Magowan was later informed that the news wasn’t actually true and update was posted to social media by a third party, rather than the midfielder herself.

It would not be good news for the Arsenal Ladies if Nobbs is injured as the team could find themselves short in midfield.

Nobbs missed the first half of the 2014 season and was sorely missed by the team, so a middle or long-term injury would certainly create trouble. It would be especially troubling as the other box-to-box player Leah Williamson is nursing an ankle injury and may miss the restart of the season.

If you add Carla Humphrey, who will be on international duty with England u19 in Israel, the playing squad might be a little short of players. Especially if England beat Canada as the five Arsenal players with the squad would be back on the 6th July at the earliest for a 12th July restart.

It would certainly be a tough ask for the five players involved to come straight back into the League without a proper rest and the injury risk would then be high between now and the end of season in October.