Olivier Giroud has revealed what Arsene Wenger told him when he was dropped from the starting lineup for the FA Cup final and that he spoke to the boss in the wake of Thierry Henry’s comments.

The French striker lost his place in the starting XI to Theo Walcott, a move that proved inspired by the Arsenal boss.

Currently on international duty with France ahead of their end-of-season double-header, Giroud was asked if he was disappointed not to start.

“I must measure my words. If I say that I was disappointed they will fall on me (smiles),” Giroud said (via Google translate).

“There was a slight disappointment, but the coach came up to me before the game, and he told me something that made ​​me happy: [he said] “I do not forget everything you have done for the team … “.

“I cut in right away and I told him: “What matters is that we win the Cup.” 

“That’s the truth. 

“Theo Walcott had scored a hat trick last Sunday against West Brom (4-1), and I’m no fool, I knew it could happen. 

“I just had to come into play at 200% for the team and it’s true that my goal made ​​me happy.”

Of course, the interviewer couldn’t let Giroud leave without asking him about Thierry Henry’s comments regarding the striker not being good enough to win the title for Arsenal.

“I already answered,” he smiled.

“It’s part of the game. I will never unanimously [liked]. 

“Apparently Titi retracted his comments recently, he said he thought about competition, he meant that Arsenal needed several attackers of that mark. 

“It was a little wounding at the time, and it’s true that I was a bit annoyed, but I soon left it behind after having a discussion with the coach. 

“Anyway, we can only meet in the field and that is why, too, that victory in Cup is important. 

“I do not blame him more than that, we’ll talk about it together. 

“It is true that I had found it surprising for him, but that’s football.”