by Lee Hurley

Francis Coquelin was voted Arsenal’s second best player of the season.

Voted by the fans, the decision might seem a bit harsh on Santi Cazorla who was simply sublime for the entire season, there’s no denying the impact Le Coq had on this Arsenal side when he was inserted after being yoinked back from his loan spell because Arsenal had run out of midfielders.

About the player who pipped Santi to the runners-up spot, Arsene Wenger said

“He’s shown his individual quality winning the ball and passing it quickly, and he’s very strong in challenges.

“He also contributes to the balance of the team and that’s very difficult to measure.

“You know the balance of the team sometimes depends on one player who has some characteristics that the others don’t.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Ramsey added “He’s been really good. He’s very aggressive and doesn’t give the opposition much time on the ball, and that’s why he wins so many tackles.

“Then he wins the ball and makes us tick over. It is quite comforting knowing that one of the midfielders is behind you in position, thinking more defensively.”

Here at Cannon Towers we know that the off-season can do funny things to your memory, so remind yourself just why so many people thought he was second only to Alexis Sanchez for the Gunners this season:

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