by Lee Hurley

Just 16 and arriving as one of the best young midfielders in Europe, Vlad Dragomir will be fast-tracked into the Arsenal first team according to a report in the Czech Republic.

Now, you may wonder just what they might know about the situation in the Czech Republic about Arsenal’s first ever Romanian player, but it seems that they are more than a little concerned that the youngster was pictured holding an Arsenal shirt with the number seven on the back – their national team captain’s shirt.

Despite agreeing a one year deal to remain at Arsenal, the report on iSport seems fairly certain that Tomas Rosicky will not remain at Arsenal for the whole of the season and, with Dragomir set to be included in the first team sooner rather than later, they see this shirt issue as just more proof of Tom’s imminent departure.

They are right, it does seem very off for him to have posed with a number seven shirt but it’s easy to read too much into these things.

Speaking to the media after Dragomir’s signing by Arsenal was announced, a deal that was actually completed back in April yet no-one seemed to know anything about, Vlad’s agent, Catalin Sarmasan, said

“He’s one of the biggest talent’s in Europe.”

He has signed a three-year deal. Quite what it means for Tom’s future is still just speculation at this point.