Comments from ex-Arsenal forward, Thierry Henry, that Olivier Giroud isn’t a good enough striker to help Arsenal win the Premier League have been met with condemnation from Arsenal legend, Ian Wright.

In fact, Wright reckons the Frenchman is a great forward and thinks that comments insinuating that we may not win the league because he’s not good enough, are uncalled for.

“I love him [Giroud],” Wright stated. “He is a fantastic player. He doesn’t get a lot of credit and even Thierry [Henry] is saying that we won’t win the league with him which is very unfair, because it’s the players you have around you that helps to win games. It’s not just the one player up front. One player up front cannot win you the league anywhere and that is why you need the team to help you.”

As Wright goes on to correctly point out, Giroud’s record, especially this season, is actually admirable. The 28-year old has scored 17 goals this season, despite suffering from a broken leg for much of it. Since his injury, he’s bounced back in a huge way and offers so much more from his all-around play than just goals.

“When you are averaging double-digit goals every season and you got help around you, then you should be able to do enough to win the league. You can’t legislate for what Chelsea, [Manchester] United, Manchester City and even Liverpool are going to do because they are going to make themselves stronger.”

He added, “So for people to criticize him is very unfair and I hope that Arsene Wenger makes some signings [in the coming months] that will help Olivier prove some people wrong.”

Hopefully, Giroud’s got a good head on his shoulders and knows to block out criticism that doesn’t come directly from the boss himself.

As Ian Wright says, I’m sure he’ll prove his critics wrong come next season.