Arsene Wenger met with the press on Friday ahead of his side’s game at Old Trafford.

With Silly Season bearing down upon us, more and more questions are being asked of the boss about his transfer targets – and those of other clubs.

Talking first about his opposite number on Sunday, Louis van Gaal, the manager was side-tracked into talking about United’s plans for the summer.

“He is a top quality manager,” Wenger said.

“He first had to learn to know his squad and then of course to restore belief in the team.

“To me he has done that well.

“He has shown he has the personality to be at a club of that size which is very important.

“Overall he is in a good way.”

“It looks to me that they are on the market because every player I’m offered I’m told Man United’s on the case as well.

“It looks like they are very active, you expect them to come back with some strong buys but they already have a very, very strong squad, if you look at their squad it’s top quality already.”