After ex-Arsenal forward Thierry Henry criticised Olivier Giroud for not been good enough, Arsene Wenger has made is clear he disagrees with his fellow Frenchman’s comments.

The Arsenal legend has been unimpressed by Giroud’s improvement so far this season and, unlike most Arsenal fans, doesn’t believe he’s good enough to be the main striker at the club.

Giroud has scored 17 goals in just 24 appearances (via WhoScored) so far for the Gunners this season, making him statistically one of the best strikers in the league. However, the former Invincible remains unconvinced.

Along with a new striker, Henry also believes we should add a centreback, a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper. Although he made some good points, Giroud was a huge sticking point for most fans and it seems Wenger is no different.

“I think he’s wrong,” he said. “He’s paid for that. We know all the system now of the modern media, especially on TV. I know how it works. They push you to be controversial because they give you a lot of money.” the boss continued.

“I can accept an opinion but the comment on Giroud was a bit more wrong, especially because I heard the same thing being said about Nicolas Anelka, about Thierry Henry himself and about Robin van Persie. And they all became world-class players themselves.”

Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it – Wenger is well aware of how the British media works and therefore, I doubt he’ll take the comments too much to heart.