Ian Wright has called on Theo Walcott to remain at Arsenal and push past his current rough spot.

The winger has struggled to regain his place in the Arsenal side since returning from the knee injury which kept him out for a year.

Being used as a late substitute, he has started just five games this season and racked up a disappointing 570 minutes in total across all competitions.

Speaking at the opening of the Barclay’s Asia Trophy which Arsenal will take part in during the summer against Everton and Stoke, the former forward said “As a professional he’s just got to wait his time… and push himself to make sure he starts in the first team for the start of next season.

“That is what you’re meant to do as a professional, you’re not meant to, as soon as the going gets rough, you go to the exit, and that’s not what Theo wants to do,” he added.

Walcott’s contract is, as you probably already know, up for renewal and while talks are underway there seems to be no sign of a resolution anywhere on the horizon.

Already we are hearing talk of Walcott being played as a centre forward, something we haven’t heard a whisper about since his last contract negotiations when he was given a few games through the middle and then shunted back out wide when he finally signed da ting.

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This time, however, the Englishman finds himself in a completely different situation. A key asset during his last talks with Robin van Persie leaving, Walcott knew the club could not afford to let him go.

Now, however, he has to show them they have a reason to keep him.