Sunderland would not be drawn into giving comment in regards to Kelly Smith’s online attack on Abby Holmes.

The Arsenal star was furious after an horrendous tackle left her with three torn ligaments in her right ankle that required surgery and will now see her sidelined for at least the next four months.

Taking to the internet after the operation, Smith accused Holmes of deliberately trying to injure her and challenged the defender’s ability to play at the top level in the game.

The Sunderland Echo approached the Black cats¬†but received a ‘no comment’ response from a spokesperson although¬†the paper thinks that the club could ask the FA to intervene in regards to Smith’s blog which did not hold back in any manner.

As we’ve seen time and time again, the uproar regarding post-tackle comments often dwarfs anything that came in the wake of a possibly career-ending tackle. Holmes will serve a three-match ban for the red card she received for the tackle but, outside of match reports, there has been no comment regarding the horrific nature of the tackle.

Smith’s reaction, however, has been covered at length on most of the major sites.

I’m sure if you asked Smith (or Diaby, Ramsey or Eduardo) would they rather someone had written something negative about them or crippled them in the first place, I’m pretty sure you know what they’d prefer.

If you haven’t seen the tackle, you can do that here.