Midfielder and scorer of the FA Cup winner last season, Aaron Ramsey, has revealed how he’d love to feel that kind of rush again on Saturday.

Speaking ahead of the final against Aston Villa at Wembley, the Welshman described the feeling of scoring that goal. He also played down the Barcelona rumours and praised Villa’s Christian Benteke, naming him as one of our main threats this weekend.

“It’s another opportunity to win the FA Cup,” he said. “To score the winner last year, that was just a dream come true and hopefully I can relive that again. I think I’ve grown up even more. I’ve learnt some more things this year and hopefully I’m always improving throughout my career.”

Referencing the opposition’s main striker, Beneteke, the 24-year old said, “He’s been in great form of late. It’s been a difficult season for Aston Villa but they did manage to stay up in the end. They showed some good form towards the back end of this season. He was in amongst all the goals really and he’s going to be a big threat for them on the day.”

The midfielder also touched on the Barcelona rumours. Apparently,the La Liga giants have their eye on him despite not being allowed to buy any players until 2016. Fortunately, it seems Rambo’s eyes are mainly on the FA Cup and he won’t allow himself to become caught up in transfer nonsense at the moment.

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“No, not at this time. I’m focusing on the FA Cup so that’s what appeals to me at this moment in time. That’s just something that’s been written in the papers. I’m focused on Arsenal and winning the FA Cup. That sort of news doesn’t affect me or even enter my mind,” he said.

From a personal point of view, I’d rather a firmer ‘never‘, if I’m being honest. Saying that, I’d also want to sign him at Arsenal for the next 20 years if I was given the choice. Although Barcelona are bound to turn most players’ heads, Arsenal have stood by Ramsey for a long time and I truly feel like he’s one of our own.

However, I’m fully aware that this is probably my own paranoia due to us having to sell our best players in the past. We no longer have to do that and, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of ‘when‘ rather than ‘if‘ other clubs start come a-knocking for the playmaker, we won’t let him go without a fight.