He’d rather not play there but Aaron Ramsey is doing his cause no favours by being pretty effective out on the right.

With the manager opting to play Ramsey out of position in order to fit all his best midfielders into the side, regardless of that meaning Theo Walcott can no longer get a game, Ramsey is adapting well to what is being asked of him even if he doesn’t really like it.

He wouldn’t say that, of course, Rambo is far too nice to do that.

Speaking to the matchday programme, as reported on Arsena.com he explained how he’s managing to be so effective out on the right.

“It’s not my preferred position,” Aaron said. “I’m a central midfielder and that’s where I like to be.

“I like to be involved a lot more in the game. When you are out wide you don’t touch the ball for three or four minutes and I like to be at the heart of everything, trying to drive the team forward.

“But the manager’s asked me to do a job out there, and I do have the license to drift in and get involved. When we are defending I have to stay in position, but when we get the ball I can drift.

“I’m not a winger, I can’t knock the ball beyond my man like Theo does, I prefer to get in the little pockets of space and get involved and play the combinations but it’s important to do a job for the team.”

With Ramsey being rated as only 50:50 ahead of the Swansea game it could open the door to Theo to try and get back into the side after being unable to break back in since his recovery from the knee injury that ruled him out for a year.

As Danny Welbeck is also sidelined with a knee issue of his own, it really is Theo’s best chance.

Let’s hope he takes it if offered.