In Pier Morgan’s column for the Daily Mail this weekend, he tries to laugh off any tension that may have arisen between him and Aaron Ramsey.

Most of you will have heard that, after our 0-0 draw with Chelsea a couple of weeks ago, Piers Morgan, who attended the match, offered a hand for Aaron Ramsey to shake, which the Welshman declined. Apparently, the midfielder said, “I don’t think I want to do that.”

The refusal is thought to be because of the unnecessary comments Morgan made in previous years on Twitter during the period where Ramsey was still recovering from having being horrifically injured.

Morgan tweeted in 2012, “What DOES Wenger see in Aaron Ramsey? Complete and utter liability.”

Now the 24-year-old is in form, Morgan is suddenly keen to kiss and make up.

Speaking in his column, he mentions being – quite rightly – ridiculed by host Holly Willoughby when he appeared on the new sports panel show Playing to the Whistle.

Willoughby brought up his previous tweets, which Morgan justified by saying in his column, “Ramsey was indeed, at the time, going through a shockingly bad run of form. But he recovered to become one of our best players – even scoring the winning goal in last season’s FA Cup Final.”

Morgan apparently joked about being Ramsey’s ‘motivational tool‘ to which the host replied, “a tool maybe”.