Kieran Gibbs has cited our lack of injuries in the second half of the season as part of the reason we’ve improved so much.

The defender, who has had his fair share of injuries during his time at Arsenal, was keen to describe how important having a consistently fit, full squad is for the team.

“Fewer injuries basically,” he said when referring to the Gunner’s improvement during the season. “Competition is much higher and that has raised the level.”

The competition for places has actually pushed the Englishman out of the team.

Nacho Monreal, who replaced him initially due to injury, has now more or less taken his place in the starting 11. However, by the sounds of it, Gibbs relishes the competition and during the games he has had back on the pitch, he’s really pushed himself and played how a footballer should when they’re trying to prove themselves.

“Sometimes in the past we have struggled to put a team out, now we could put two teams out,” he added. “Everyone has been fit and that pushes each other on. That’s been the difference.”

It makes a pleasant chance to have options in certain positions, when before we had none.