After David Ospina’s mistake against Swansea cost the Gunners all three points on Monday night, the Arsenal Goalkeeping Debate raised it’s head again.

Here at Cannon Towers we are firmly planted in Team Chesney, and while we admit that the young Pole has much to improve on in his game, we are certain that he’s a far better keeper than the Colombian.

Ospina’s record since he arrived in the side has been impressive, but it is highly deceptive. His clean sheets and the Arsenal wins have not come about because of him but rather the defence in front of him – full-strength and consistent.

That’s something Woj was never afforded.

That’s not to say that Ospina isn’t a good keeper, he is, but he has an odd way of going about things and we’re starting to see the problems that might cause long term.

So which one should be in goal at Old Trafford?

Watch this then make up your own mind: