Another week, another Monday night kick-off.

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we’ve gotten our writers together for a short prediction on how they think the game will pan out.

And if you think we’re just going to throw these predictions out there and then forget about them, fear not.

We’ll be back to take a look at how we did and laughing at the person who got it wrong more than anyone else.

Lee Hurley Win 3-0

I’m expecting another professional, straightforward win as we move towards securing our highest league position in a decade.

Helen Trantum Win 3-0

With United scraping a lucky win on Saturday, we can’t quite seal third on Monday night, but we require just a point (and that’s assuming Liverpool beat Chelsea!) to secure a Champions League qualifier spot for the billionth year in a row.

Although the players will be starting to have one eye on the cup final, the increased competition in the squad means that everyone will be playing for their place in that match. With this in mind, I expect us to have far too much for Swansea – 3-0.

Stephen Bradley Win 2-1

Bit of a new feeling this; third last league game and zero pressure in regards to Champions League qualification. Makes a change, eh? Swansea also have very little to play for, so this game might not the most intensive we’ve ever seen.

In saying that, it should be a good game. Under Garry Monk, Swansea have added a level of defensive discipline to their already impressive passing style, so this won’t be an easy fixture. But we’re in cracking form at the moment, and I reckon we’ll do enough to win.

2-1 Arsenal.

Paul Williams Win 2-1

Swansea at home is usually a tricky fixture for some reason. That said, this Arsenal side is in its best run of form for years. It may not be easy, but I expect us to win and further cement our top three status.


Sylvain Jamet Win 3-0

I believe it will be another win for the Arsenal. Current form is good with stability in the starting line-up.

I see a 3-0 win.

Lewis Ambrose Win 2-0

These games are always tight with both sides looking to control the ball. That’s no longer much of an issue for us, with the side happier to concede possession and attack quickly. I think our good form will continue as we look to finish second.

Arsenal 2-0 Swansea

Nia Griffiths Win 2-0

With momentum on our side and a point to prove after our 2-1 loss last time, I reckon we’ll win quite comfortably.

Swansea will come at us and play their football, which should make for an interesting game, but ultimately we should be too much for them.

Aaron Ramsey is flying at the moment so, if he’s fit and plays, he’ll probably score against his old rivals. Perhaps also a goal from Alexis Sanchez.

2-0 Arsenal.

Mark Fine Win 1-0

When we last met Swansea, Arsenal lost in a frustrating 2-1 match where we let in two quick goals with 15 minutes to go. Swansea are a good side when healthy and Garry Monk is proving to be one of the league’s best young managers.

But our defence has drastically improved since and we’ll be sure not to make the same mistakes twice. Thinking this will be a similar match, with an Alexis goal, but we won’t concede: 1-0 Arsenal.

Anita Sambol Win 2-0

2-0 Arsenal, with a goal from Giroud – he’s due one. Let’s grab that second place!

Charlotte Marshall Win 3-1

Feeling reasonably confident about this game, Swansea do not have much left to play for, and we are on a great run of form, with second a real target.

3-1 Arsenal.