Shockingly, groundbreaking new research shows that the more players you have fit, the more games you win.

In a report by the Telegraph, a new study into Premier League teams’ injuries shows that the more players you have available to play, the more points you’re likely to pick up.

While this may seem like common sense to most, it also goes a long way to prove what Arsene Wenger, Arsenal fans and just about anyone with a brain has been saying for years. It confirms our lack of success on the pitch is directly influenced by our injuries off it.

It stands to reason that the amount of players we have available from our first team and the longer they get to consistently play together, the better they’ll play.

Therefore, now we only have Matheiu Debuchy as our only senior player still on the sidelines with an inflamed hamstring, we’ve been picking up points left, right and centre (let’s not talk about Swansea).

According to the report, in the second half of the season, our points-per-game average is now 2.43, as opposed to 1.74 in the first half of the season. Our injuries per game has evened out to 1.4 from two, and our goals against has halved – 1.2 to 0.6.

Injury woes have plagued us for years and, for whatever reason, we’ve had several very unlucky players. In general, we’ve topped the injury table and, more often than not, had one of our first team players out for months at a time. Now this has come to an end we’re enjoying our football as a team and winning far more matches.

In fact, as the Telegraph pointed out, against Swansea City, we played our same starting 11 for the fifth time this season – the first time Wenger’s ever been able to do this at Arsenal.

Whatever we’re doing behind the scenes to ensure our squad stay injury free, whether it’s to do with our medical team and Shad Forsythe or Wenger giving the football Gods a vial of Olivier Giroud’s blood as tribute, I hope we keep doing it.

Hopefully our bad luck has also run out and this is the start of a new injury-free Arsenal era.