In a recent interview with Premier League World, Arsenal’s goalkeeper speaks about his belief in his team and coming back from injury to claim a starting spot.

After winning 11 matches out of 12, David Ospina has the best win record in the Premier League. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many believe we’ve finally found the world-class goalkeeper we’ve been looking for since Jens Lehmann left in 2008.

Speaking earlier this month with Premier League World, Ospina revealed what it was like to first join Arsenal and about his desire to come back from injury after the World Cup.

“When you join a club you want to be 100%. Unfortunately I came back from the World Cup with a slight injury and it kept me out for almost two months. So the most important thing was for me to make a full recovery and start establishing some healthy competition with the excellent goalkeepers here. Then to wait for my opportunity and hopefully make the most of it.”

Elaborating on the need for ‘healthy competition‘, the Colombian says, “The most important thing for Arsenal is that they can call upon three very good goalies who are all working well. We try to ensure there’s a good rapport and we make an effort in training.” He continues, “Obviously all three of us want to play but we know only one of us can get the nod. So we try to keep it as friendly as possible so everything goes smoothly.”

On Arsenal’s title chances, the 26-year-old was optimistic but level-headed, saying, “We have an excellent group; excellent players. So the important thing is for us concentrate on our game, the way we’re already doing.

Similarly to the rest of the team, he speaks about needing to take it one match at a time at this stage of the season, “I think in the English League, the most difficult match is the next one. That’s the way you should prepare things, taking it one match at a time. You can’t be thinking about the matches you’re playing in 15 days or a month. You should always look at the upcoming match.”

Although he couldn’t help but add,

“The season’s not over yet. As I said before, Arsenal are an excellent team; one of the best teams in the world. So we deserve to win things. Without thinking about the title, because it’s all step-by-step, we hope to do our best to get the club in the position it’s supposed to be.”

He’s also well aware of the responsibility that lies on the heads of goalkeepers, knowing that a small mistake can cost valuable points.

“We know as goalkeepers we have a difficult position. There’s a lot of responsibility but it’s always a great position to be in. We try to respect that a lot but it’s a league where you have to put in the effort to stay focused in full 90 to 95 minutes of the game to be able to help the team as much as possible.”