Danny Welbeck believes his genetics are what keeps him trim.

The Arsenal forward, who was speaking to Men’s Health for their May issue, revealed that he can pretty much eat what he likes without worrying about putting on any weight and let slip his weakness – chocolate fondant.

“I do a lot of bodyweight stuff – my body does not react at all to heavy weights,” Danny told the magazine. “I’m naturally lean. That’s down to my mum and dad, my genetics. I’m lucky to have that in some respects, though. But it means I can eat what I want and I never put on weight. I don’t give up desserts. Chocolate fondant…order one in now, and I’ll eat it.”

Danny was speaking as part of MH’s body issue and also explained the physical attributes he needs to work on to ensure he’s at his best for the Gunner.

danny welbeck men's health

“As a striker, I need to plant both legs to use either foot, and I need to be powerful,” he continued. “Football keeps me fit, but in the gym I focus on strengthening my leg muscles and preventing injuries. There are times I want to train harder, but we’re not allowed to do more than the coaches want – it’s about knowing what’s right, not necessarily what you want.”

Asked if he ever compares his fitness to his teammates, he couldn’t think of much beyond the size of Jack Wilshere’s thighs, the midfielder being well known for having larger-than-normal body parts in that area.

“On the bike in the gym, say, I look at someone like Jack Wilshere and his thighs are one-and-a-half times the size of mine. He’s got so much power. I might be pedalling faster than him, but with the power he’s pushing, he always outdoes me by a second.”