What a game that was!

We predicted what we thought would happen between Arsenal and Liverpool.

How close did we get?

Lee Hurley Win 3-1

I wasn’t far off and said I was letting my happy out.

Arsenal let theirs out too and it was awesome!

Helen Trantum Win 2-0

Actually got to watch the game live on an aeroplane. Ignoring the Man City relationship, Etihad are seriously awesome!

You know who else is awesome? Arsenal

Could have had two inside ten minutes and a hatful by half time. In the end we took pity on them, and that’s the only reason Santi hit the post instead of burying his chance to validate both my goal scorer predictions…

Second suddenly looks a real possibility, and if we turn in two performances like that in the FA cup, we’ll be home and hosed.


Stephen Bradley Win 3-1

Usually, it’s Arsenal who pass the ball around the box and it’s the opposition who takes full advantage of every chance they get. Today, it was the other way around.

Apart from the first five minutes of the game, Liverpool dominated the first half. Then Arsenal had three half chances and converted all three. It was a clinical display that has been lacking for ages.

The second half was very cagey, but Liverpool still threatened and deserved their goal. But Emre Can’s second yellow killed the game, and Giroud’s goal was the icing on a particularly sweet cake.

4-1, and top four almost sewn up. Not bad for a Saturday lunchtime.

Paul Williams Win 2-1

Right result, wrong score. Arsenal were lethal. Yesssss!

Sylvain Jamet Win 2-0

Great result outclassing the mighty ‘five times’ reds. Shame about the penalty conceded, would have loved a clean sheet.

Superb from the boys. Much better than my 2-0 prediction/expectations.

Lewis Ambrose Win 2-0

That was not only comfortable, but one of the most intelligent Arsenal performances I can remember.

Don’t think too much needs to be said. Oh to be a Gooner.

Nia Griffiths Draw 2-2

I predicted a pretty sedate, tedious draw and I don’t think I could’ve been more wrong; although, obviously I don’t mind being wrong if that’s the kind of result we get.

A brilliant win. Great pressing for the majority of the game and four stunning goals.

We’re on a roll now and temporarily up to second in the league with the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley coming up.

I’m a very happy Gooner right now.

Andi Foster Draw 1-1

Missing assumed drunk.

Sean Ferguson Win 2-0

That was brilliant.

I thought we’d win but didn’t expect it to be that easy. Four great goals another win, another three points and surely top four is now secured.

Good day all round.

Only negatives are Kos and Rambo going off injured. Hopefully it’s nothing more than just a short term thing…

Mark Fine Win 2-1

Where do I start?

I expected Liverpool to be missing Skrtel, but Kolo was just awful. Given that, I don’t understand why they would even start three at the back. In addition to having a poor defence, their offence was equally poor: Sterling and Markovic both missing a combined three sitters in the first half alone. Their lone goal came in the second half from… wait for it… a Liverpool penalty.

But enough about them. We came out of the tunnel like men with a mission. That first ten minutes was played with more energy and drive than I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if they knew who was or wasn’t in the stands… Once Arsenal settled in it seemed like business as usual. I felt like our confidence grew with each minute as we clearly dominated this match in both halves and on both sides of the ball, which was great to see.

On to Burnley…

Anita Sambol Win 3-1

Absolutely loved the match, wasn’t worried for a second.

I got a bit nervous right before kick off but that’s it. We went at them straight away, could have (should have?) scored in first 10 minutes, and we never stopped.

Yes, they had their chances too, and we did look panicky in defence now and then, but that’s okay.

Ospina saved what was needed, Per did okay with Sterling and my god, Coquelin was amazing once again.

Can’t really pick a MOTM, they were all great.

Thought Santi had a little bit bad day that could have easily been fixed if that shot went in in dying minutes.

What a striker we have in Giroud!

And what a signing is Alexis!

I’m so so so happy, as you can tell, so I won’t mention the ref.

Bring on the next match!!

Charlotte Marshall Draw 1-1

As is often the case, I clearly know nothing about football.

Anthony Taylor did his level best to screw us over the second half but even that couldn’t spoil the day.

I’m off to the pub.