They say he’s been linked with a move away.

But only idiots are doing that.

The same idiots who ask him about his future despite the fact that he only arrived here two seasons ago.

Dare I say, the same people who never shut up about his price tag and him not being worth it?

So while we don’t need to hear him say that he loves Arsenal and wants to stay, it’s still great to hear him say it anyway.

Ozil said

“A return to Germany is not an option for me right now. I am really happy at Arsenal and I want this to continue.

“I played in the Bundesliga and at Real Madrid. But the English Premier League is the strongest league in the world. Opponents never give up. Even if we’re 3-0 in front with Arsenal, the players never give up and fight until the very last second.

“You can only succeed here when you’re on top level physically.

“I don’t need to prove them anything. But it is correct that I have to work harder to reach my goals.

“That’s why I’m working as hard as I never worked before in my life. My body is more stable and I feel fresher. You need that in England.”

It always amuses irks the life out of me that the same people who yammered on about Arsenal never spending money are falling over themselves to criticise the club’s record buy.

Not only do they trash his price tag but they offer opinions on a regular basis lifted straight out of the ‘journalists handbook for stupid narratives’ and don’t actually bother to watch the player actually play.

Shut up.