I’m not sure what’s worse, not winning at all or getting so close you could almost taste it.

Other than a couple of ten minute spells here and there, Monaco didn’t offer much going forward. They did, however, manage to shut us out pretty affectively, meaning the first goal didn’t come until the second half was almost over.

Although we gave everything physically until the final whistle and even managed to get a second goal, we were a little guilty of overcomplicating our game and overplaying, when at times we just should’ve had a go and hit it.

It was a good win though, and if the damage hadn’t already been done, on any other day it would’ve been enough to progress to the quarter finals.

Sadly, this was not the case.

David Ospina 8

He didn’t have a lot to do, admittedly, but we didn’t concede. So that’s something.

Hector Bellerin 8

He was strong and linked up well with Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil. Their little passing triangles proved to be effective when it came to find a way through Monaco’s tight defence down the right.

Per Mertesacker 8

Made some great interceptions, including some superb defensive headers. He even got forward at the right moments – would’ve loved a BFG goal.

Laurent Koscielny 8

Solid and commanding. Managed to help us keep a clean sheet, particularly in the dying minutes when Mertesacker slipped and it looked as if Monaco were going punish Arsenal once again.

Nacho Monreal 8

Another fantastic game; he rarely has a bad game now.

Francis Coquelin 7.5

Stamped his authority onto the game early on with a crunching challenge. His passing, particular long passing, has become more creative and he’s a good asset when it comes to the attack now, as well as the defence.

Santi Cazorla 8.5

Strong and as skilled as usual. Ran midfield until the end and gave everything.

Danny Welbeck 8

He had a really good game, especially once he swapped to the right in the first half. He got in behind their defence and looked really positive when crossing; a noticeable improvement.

Mesut Ozil 8

A few sloppy passes towards the end but overall positive. He needs more confidence in front of goal as he can often automatically look for a pass rather than just shoot. If he can learn to have more faith in his own scoring ability, I’m sure he’d be even more successful.

Alexis Sanchez 6

Still off the boil and becoming slightly frustrating when it comes to him hanging onto the ball rather than passing.

Olivier Giroud 8.5

Scored the first goal and had a few headed chances before it; always looking likely to score or contribute to someone else scoring. I’m glad he’s finally getting recognition from outside the Arsenal fan base.


Aaron Ramsey 7

Involved from the minute he set foot on the pitch and scored not long after. It’s exciting to watch him come back into form.

Theo Walcott 6

Had fun stretching his legs down the wing but didn’t actually do very much with the ball once he had it.

Keiran Gibbs N/A

Tried his best to influence play going forward but his crosses were a bit predictable.